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Keeping at the forefront of the major technological developments witnessed by our industry, has been the key to our success.

Our experience has given us the enviable ability to cope with most print requirements. We do this by getting the basics right and by our commitment to excellence in service delivery. With over 39 years in the printing business we only have our clients to thank - be it small businesses to corporate – we wont have been here without them . With support like this we grow, with growth we employ more staff and with more employment we create a better South Africa.

PR PRINTERS stands for quality, reliability and speed.

You can trust us…

A family business that has over 36 years of experience in delivering high quality print. Established in 1980 by Roy George – who prior to that had years of printing experience. He managed the business together with his son who is with the company for over 22 years together they saw it grow from strength to strength. We produce everything in house. That means we have total control over your project in an environment that's secure, efficient and confidential.100% Black owned company.

Our Mission…
We strive to make our customers experience with printing the best in the industry. We will continue to make PR Printers - Quality Printing Services simple and affordable, while continuing to innovate, so we can offer the best value in the industry.We are a well-established, reliable, and professional company. We offer you the highest standards in service and quality production. Our print management system, ensures hands on control over every aspect of your job, we can offer a fast, flexible response to your individual needs and cost effectiveness for the medium to large print runs.